July 22, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

So in an effort to not focus on my weight and continue on my feeling/being healthy kick I'm not doing Weekly Weigh In Wednesday today. I'm not going to discontinue the installment completely and will still update on my diet/weight loss goals but I will no longer be focusing on my weight.

Instead... I bring you...

Wedding Wednesdays!!!

With the wedding getting so close I thought this would be appropriate to update my weekly "to dos" and whatnots. Basically this is to help me organize my thoughts, aren't you (my readers) lucky? LOL.

So this week I have:

  • ordered our cake topper
  • made out a tentative guest list
  • started making my B pics album

On the schedule:

  • second dress fitting (Aug 6)
  • meet with our venue and discuss set up, decorations, pick menu, etc (Aug 7)
  • bachelorette weekend (Aug 14-16)
  • MIL bridal shower (Aug 23)
  • MOB bridal shower (Aug 30)
  • hair trial (Sept 26)

Still needs done:

  • find and order a garter
  • order BM gifts
  • order lanterns for reception decor
  • find a bird cage for cards
  • meet with DJ and go over songs
  • meet with florist and go over final arrangements
  • complete our marriage workbook
  • start collecting things for the kiddie gift bags

Wow things are finally coming together. I hope that things continue to go rather smoothly as I haven't really had an dramatic issues yet *fingers crossed*


  1. You are getting so close! Enjoy this last part of it, because it goes by so quickly :)

  2. Ikea has adorable lanterns...or at least they used to. You should check them out.

  3. That's quite a list of things to do! Best of luck! :)

  4. Good luck with your list! You should check out www.personalizationmall.com for gifts you still need. They have really cool things at this site and personalize it for free (or because it's already added into the price, but free sounds much better!). They are reasonable and I picked up some of my bridesmaids gifts here. Just an FYI in case you're at a loss for what to get! :-) Keep us posted on how things go!

  5. It sounds like you've got a really organized list going. It's getting close!

  6. its coming up sooo soon!!! yay, xxxoo

  7. Just wanted to say hey girl. Don't think I've ever stopped by your blog before. Very cute! Congrats on your upcoming I-Do's :) How exciting!!!!! And so glad everything is coming together and hope the big day is all you want and more!! :)

  8. i like this idea! you will be able to help keep me on my toes! we only have 73 more days!! ahhh! im so jealous your things can be so spread out. getting married 5.5hrs away i have to CRAM so many things into one weekend...ugh!

  9. good luck with your list! I am jealous of your wedding planning, i miss it soooo much!

  10. You don't have much left to do at all! That is wonderful. It is all coming together! Check the Knottie trash to treasure board for the bird cage. I swear I used to always see them on there.