December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Today I am thankful for:
  • My grandma. Although the woman is NUTS she always has a story to tell and always makes me laugh, even if I shouldn't.
  • Heat. Holy wind balls batman it's windy in Ohio! I thought Chicago was the windy city but I'm pretty sure Columbus is in the running. Feels so good to come into a warm house!
  • Great neighbors. Our last neighbor's dog attacked my poor Chanel Belle to the point we had to do emergency surgery (my poor baby) and she didn't even cover the entire vet bill. The nerve! Our neighbors now (for the most part) are pretty damn great and it's so much easier to live next to.
  • The Biggest Loser. Did ya'll watch this week? Holy transformations!!! I mean these people didn't even look the same! A blonde Rebecca anyone? Anorexic Tracey? HELLO!
  • Christmas music. Listen to it all day and makes my work day a lot more bearable.
  • Digital picture frames. Aren't these the greatest thing since sliced bread? OMG really I can upload 6400 pictures on one frame? AMAZING!
What are you thankful for?


  1. I thought the same thing about tracey... i love the biggest loser. :)

  2. Seriously, what kind of neighbor is that to have their dog attack yours and not pay the entire bill.... just wrong!!!!

    And I'm with you, love me some Christmas music!!!!! :)

  3. Ick, I thought Tracey looked like a transsexual, haha! And Rebecca needed to get a longer dress!

  4. I always love your Thankful Thursdays!=)

  5. I'm with ya on Christmas music!! Makes me so happy. =)

  6. Digital frames? Hmm..I got one last year for Christmas and still haven't pulled it out of the box. Maybe I should.'s been so windy!!!

  7. i totally agree with you on BL! i can not believe some of those transformations! crazy!!
    also, digital pics are the best!

    i hope you have a great weekend hun!!