January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

I apologize now for the lack of TT posts for the past 2 weeks. I apologize to myself mostly because TT is really important to me and something that I feel very passionate about. With that being said THANKFUL THURSDAYS ARE BACK!

Today I am thankful for:
  • Mr Husband for cleaning the kitchen. I have been GRUMPY lately and it's mostly regarding cleaning so when I came home to a sparkling kitchen I was a very happy wifey!
  • Valentine's Day. I know I know it's far away still but I'm making the CUTEST cards to send to family, I can't wait to share!
  • Blog friends. I have been a slacker lately and I am so glad I still have all my followers and as of right now one new one! HI! Welcome! Enjoy!
  • DVR. I know I have been thankful for this in the past but it's SERIOUSLY the best invention EVER! Try and dispute it, just try!
  • Baby Butterbean. Yes I was thankful for our baby last time I did TT, get used to it. I am so beyond grateful/excited/blessed/happy about this baby that I'll be thankful for him/her each and every week.
  • Warm{er} weather. It's reached {gasp} 40 this week, HEAT WAVE! I cannot wait till spring!
What are you thankful for?


  1. Thankful that during my ear surgery tomorrow that the Lord will be with me and that it will be successful! :)

  2. Hi! I am one of your newbie followers. I am very thankful for my husband's patience. I can be very moody and random at times and he just knows how to handle it. I am definitely enjoying your blogs!!

  3. All great thinks to be thankful for! I'm also making Valentines Day cards!

  4. I'm also thankful for the 40's...it has felt like SPRING...and I love it. Also, you will continually be thankful for that little bean in your tum and you just.can't.help.the.joy. Its a GOOD thing. Oh, but there will be days (like today for me), when I seriously feel like I can't breathe because shes so high up under my ribs (or so it feels)...and I sort of just want her to move. But, I'm still thankful--just slightly irritated. ;)

  5. I am thankful future husband brought up the recycling bins today with out being asked!! Made me get all teary-eyed! - Thankful for so much friend hanging before our lives get super hectic again - Thankful for pb&j sandwiches - Thankful for my wonderful bridesmaids who are going to get crafty for me!! :)

  6. Aw, I'm doing thankful Tuesdays, so we're a couple days off, but that's ok! Today, I am just so thankful it's Friday!

  7. DVRs really are the best invention ever. EVER. I have two. And i live alone :P

  8. 40'

    we were in ohio 7th-9th and I wish it was in the 40's then LOL... It was 0' outside then. I vote baby butterbean is a boy =}