February 6, 2010

Boy or Girl

Well girls, the countdown is almost up! The big reveal is tomorrow!!! I can't believe it, it seems like just yesterday I made the appointment. Since we were basically snowed in all weekend we played some of the gender guessing games just for fun. Here's how it all played out...

Chinese Lunar Calendar- boy
Old Wives Tale Quiz- girl
Craving sweets- girl
Carrying low- boy
My BFF says she's ALWAYS right- girl
Ring on a string test- boy
No morning sickness- boy
baby dream (only had one so far)- girl
Sleep on the left- boy
Frequent headaches- boy
Moody- girl
Blossoming breasts- girl
Dull yellow urine- girl
Age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived (even=boy, odd=girl)- girl

So...verdict is still out, these tests mean NOTHING! Thankfully we don't have much longer to wait!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear - we'll see which test was right!

  2. Yeah, those tests and old wives tales are sooo not true...

  3. That is close to an even split! My guess is that it is going to be a boy. I can't wait to hear the news!

  4. So exciting! Can't wait to hear!

  5. can't wait to hear! I am guessing girl! I really hope you get to use those super cute juicy outfits you bought! I never had morning sickness and had a girl. Girls are a ton of fun, but boys are great too, so what ever god has blessed you with we be a bundle of joy. I know we don't know each other in real life, but I know you are going to be a great mom! Now, spill the "bean"s :0)

  6. How exciting! My guess is a little girl, but I'm sure either way they will be adorable! :)

  7. Can’t wait to hear the exciting news!!!!! :)

  8. I nominated you over on my blog for an award. :O)

    Happy Birthday month- its mine too! :O)

  9. best of luck!!thinking of you today!!

  10. WOMAN! i have been thinking of you ALL DAY!!!! hurry up and blog! I want to know what Baby Dew is!!!! :)

  11. Found your blog just recently. I'm sort of a professional troll : ) I love to read about people ... I hope you get to see some fun stuff on your ultrasound and that the baby reveals it's goods to you. wink, wink. Yay for babies!

  12. So exciting. I can't believe you get to know so early what you are having.... seems like we had to wait until about 18 weeks to find out what we were having!