June 4, 2010

I LOVE Being Pregnant But...

I literally have had the BEST pregnancy a girl could ask for, but there are some things that are getting to me. This is the TMI post, you've been warned.
  1. Heat. I am normally a "BRING IT ON" girl when it comes to the summer weather. The hotter the better, right!? Wrong. Our a/c is fixed now and I'm living in the lap of air conditioned luxury BUT the week that we went without it was a NIGHTMARE. Just ask Mr. Husband. He said if I said the word "hot" one more time he was outta here! Good thing it got fixed.
  2. Chores. I am normally a self proclaimed neat freak. Again, the Mr. can vouch for that. I clean while I'm cooking, never think the floors look good enough, and am still trying to come up with some sort of vacuum contraption to catch flying dog hair. Well now that this big ole belly is in the way those things have been pushed to the back burner. I WANT to vacuum but it's just too exhausting. Guess this is where I "relax".
  3. Sleep. Sleep is MUCH better now than it was in the beginning, seems backward right? HOWEVER the pee factor is now being taken into consideration. I get up AT LEAST 3-4 times a night to pee. I even cut myself off liquids before bed and it just doesn't matter. Maybe this is my body's way of preparing me to wake up 3-4 times a night with KP.
  4. Stupid comments. As discussed in this weeks TT post, people need to learn when to SHUT IT. Do you think you'd like it if someone said "whoa you look like your 2 month further than you actually are"? Because that's what it's like when someone says, "WHOA you look ready to pop!" Not nice. Something else that's not nice, "Were you trying?" Umm...well if we weren't that just got REALLY awkward and is that really any of your business? And yes I KNOW we just got married 2.5 seconds ago, SO WHAT?!
  5. Boobs. Well as if trying to find a 32DD wasn't hard enough I enter the F/G {possibly H} world. Now one would think that the maternity stores would sell very large size due to the nature of their customers, they in fact do NOT. Thanks to Fig Leaves, who sell every size under the sun, I got a couple over the shoulder boulder holders that work very well. I just don't get it though, your clientèle are GROWING women, wouldn't you accommodate LARGER sizes? Just a thought.
  6. Shaving. Well I've reached the point where I can no longer see anything below my waist. Sweet, huh? Shaving my legs is a chore, hiking my leg up on that ledge not only is uncomfortable but hurts the bottom of the supporting foot like no one's business. Then there comes the lady bits. I'll just say the only way that happens is by feeling. Maybe I should grab a mirror?
  7. Walking. Mr. Husband is naturally taller than me, meaning he already has a much longer stride than me. Pre-pregnancy he used to laugh about how I took 3 steps to his 1, now is a whole new ball game. I sort of waddle and I have one speed and one speed only, SLOW. I huff and puff at that speed and the stairs, I feel like a Biggest Loser contestant going up and down them.
  8. Sitting. Who would have thought sitting would be an issue? Doesn't get much easier than that, right? Well it's normally fine but when I lean forward or sometimes when I'm just tilted to the side I get a foot, hand, arm, elbow, to the bladder. Thanks KP, I love you too. This is especially true in the movie theater.
  9. Eating. Now this is going to sound TERRIBLE but I can't stand watching certain people eat. I think I have become one of them. I feel like my hunger is NEVER satisfied and then when it is I'm so stuffed I want to vomit. I want to just eat like a normal person again.
  10. Alcohol. I mean OBVIOUSLY the no alcohol for 9 months is worth it BUT now that it's summertime all I want is a nice COLD Blue Moon. My doctor has told me that I'm OK to drink a glass of wine here and there but I just can't bring myself to do it. That hasn't stopped me from compiling a list of my top 3 drinks postpartum.
Sorry if I seem moody, I am. I do LOVE being pregnant but it's just nearing the end and I couldn't be more ready to meet our lil lady and get back to some normalcy. Anyone out there feel my pain? Advice?


  1. I actually was really bummed about the drinking part during my pregnancies too. Couldn't wait to finish the required 6 weeks of nursing and have a cocktail. My friends had a party for me at 6 weeks and a day.

  2. i can't believe hoe close you are !! keep up the great work and as always I love the honesty.

  3. i feel the EXACT same way about everything!!

  4. Hang in there. I can not wait to see your beautiful baby!

  5. I am so with you on a lot of those things!! Ahh just wait soon it will be over and you will get to see your precious baby! :)

  6. oh the pros and cons; best of luck the heat must be killer!

  7. It's been hotter than balls, I can't even imagine being pregnant in this weather!

  8. This post made me laugh! Obviously I don't know anything about being pregnant, but I already cant stand the heat/humidity so I can't imagine how you're feeling. But hang in there! You're gorgeous little lady will be here soon :)

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for telling us about Figleaves! I've been struggling with being narrow around but big up top since having my daughter. This is super awesome! The end is the worst!

  10. I feel like I could have written the same exact post!! Seriously, I hate to complain - I don't want to sound unappreciative at all - we are so blessed to be pregnant. BUT, you were spot on with all of these! (Especially the heat and chores. Those are my current issues tonight!)

    Hope you have a great week hun!! xoxo

  11. Don't worry! You can totally NOT like things about being preggo! I'd be worried if you loved every second of it! - hello, Mrs. Dugger

    You're a great mom-to-be, complaints and all :) and you do NOT look like you're about to pop. ugh.

  12. you crack me up. I cant imagine the heat.

  13. OMG...I remember those days but it will be so worth it...and yes everybody tells you that but it is...the next day after I had Olivia and was allowed to eat the first thing it came out of my mouth is "I had forgotten what was like eating like a normal person" (remember I threw up for 9 months out of 9 months)

    For all these reasons you listed here and more I'm afraid of pregnancy and will never have another child.