July 4, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 34

I am officially done being pregnant! “SAY WHAT?” you say, “You’re 8 months Mrs.
Dew”. I am WELL aware of that, HOWEVER, this week I am finally feeling DONE.
My belly feels like it couldn’t possibly stretch ANY more. Yesterday I was sitting at
work and it literally felt like it was going to POP open. GROSS. I told my doctor this at
my last appointment and he said “YEP you’re at that point”- thanks doc.
Speaking of doctor’s appointments, at my last one he felt around on my tummy and
Kendall has flipped!!! YAY no more breech baby {for now}! I have filled out my “birth
plan” and it wasn’t as painful as I thought. We still don’t know what hospital we are
going to deliver at, my doc goes to two, and that’s stressing me out. I mean I think I’ll be
comfortable at either one but I do prefer one to the other. I have preregistered at both so I
guess I’m covered either way.
My irritability has reached an all time high. The dogs {and Kendall} have started
preparing me for the middle of the night wake up calls and I DO NOT appreciate it.
To the dogs- you can hold it for how many hours while I work all day, why are the
night time hours different? You DO NOT need to pee at 2 am and then again at 4. To
Kendall- while I appreciate the fact that you do not wake me up when I’m sleeping, you
do seem to lie on my bladder while I’m sleeping, forcing me up a minimum of 4 times a
night. Cut me some slack guys- I’M TIRED! My coworker {we’ll call her Miss Know-
It-All} I am OVER your attitude. You are NOT busier than anyone else in this office.
We do NOT have high stress jobs. Period. Get over yourself. To my other coworker
{we’ll call her stinky butt} PLEASE take a shower! Drenching yourself in I Smell Like
a Giant Cookie {Warm Vanilla Sugar} does not mean you don’t have to bathe, you
do. It’s gross. Now you smell like BO, a bakery, and dirty underwear. Speaking of
underwear, it is never a good idea to wear red and white striped underwear under a white
skirt. Ask Stacey London. And to my bank, you have pissed me off for the last time.
I’m switching. WHEW that felt good!
On a more productive note, I think I have decided to make Kendall’s baby food. I’ve
been reading a lot about it lately and it seems to make sense. Did you know that by
volume, baby food is the most expensive item in the grocery store? Me either! Crazy,
huh? So I already buy fruits and veggies for me and the Mr, why not just mash her up
some of the same stuff? I think it sounds fun!
I’m still trying to come up with ways to stay home with my girl. I’m thinking it’s not
really an option right now but IF I can make it work, I’m going to. I’m trying to cut out
unnecessary expenses {I canceled my gym membership FINALLY}. I was born to be a
mom and the more I think about leaving her, the more anxious I get. I hate it. I want to
be the one raising her, I want to see her wake up from her naps, and I want to take her to
the zoo in the middle of the day, I WANT TO. Call me selfish, but, that’s my inner only
child coming out.
I think we are officially ready to have a baby in the house. Her room is done, the pack n
play is set up in our room, swing has been assembled…oh wait we still need batteries for
lots of those things so maybe we aren’t 100% ready. But it definitely feels like a baby
is going to be there VERY soon now. I love seeing all her things throughout the house.
I love doing her laundry, its fun to fold those teeny tiny pants and socks. I think I have
organized her drawers 4 times now and might do it one more time before I’m finally
settled on how I want things. We have everything that’s necessary to have her at home
Her movements are very noticeable now. I LOVE watching my tummy contort with all
her movements. It’s so strange when I can actually feel her drag an arm across my belly
or when my belly looks like it’s full of popping pop corn and just SHAKES all over. Mr.
Husband can’t believe how active she is now. Remember ALL those months when she’d
hide from him? Not the case now. She’s like “Hi dad!!! Look what I can do!” and he
loves EVERY minute of it! So cute, melts my heart.
Here we are at 34 weeks, only 6 more to go!


  1. I'm right there with ya, I feel like my belly is gonna pop any second! Hang on though, not much longer!! :)

  2. Ahhh, can't believe how fast your pregnancy has gone!!! Crazy! You look great!!!:)

  3. I have been following your blog for a while but I thought I'd finally stop lurking and comment! I'm 32 weeks pregnant (in 2 days) and your blog is definitely one of my favorites! I know you're tired and irritated and just feeling fed but I wanted to tell you how helpful all your Tummy Tuesdays are to me - I really do look forward to reading them because I feel like I have a snapshot of what's coming next for me. Six weeks is gonna go by so fast and then you'll have a sweet baby girl to finally hold in your arms:-)

  4. like you told me, you're almost there.