July 4, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 33

Well this week has officially been my most uncomfortable. I’m sure it’s only going
to get worse from here. That being said, I’m ready to get this baby outta here! I know
she still has plenty of time till D day but my back hurts {I’m pretty sure its the shape
of a U even when I’m standing}and my feet have never ached so bad {yes I’ve even
contemplated using the motorized scooter at the grocery store}. Oh and my mom has
told me that I have “the ugliest belly button” EVER, thanks mom. Apparently it looks
like a coin slot, now if I could put a nickel in and get a baby out we’d be in business!
You know something I don’t get? How can I work for 8 hours and pee maybe 3 times
but when I’m asleep at night, for approximately 8 hours, I get up 4-5? It just doesn’t add
up. I’d gladly take the distraction during the day! In case you were wondering, sleep
stinks again. My days of nice sleep are officially over. I’m assuming this is Kendall’s
way of preparing me for her multiple wake-ups in the night. Thanks baby girl, way to
ease me into it.
We got the nursery painted this weekend. By we I mean my wonderful mom and myself.
It took forever but I think it’s going to be worth it. However we did run into a bit of a set
back. see when I picked out the paint color we were still living in the condo so I had no
idea what the lighting was going to be like or anything else for that matter. Well that left
me with SCHOOL BUS yellow paint! OMG it was an eyesore! Mr. Husband took one
step in that room and said “I hate it!” Thank God for my crafty mom who quickly mixed
in the excess eggshell color and toned it down quite a bit. Now it’s a lovely softer shade
of yellow and we’re all happy.
I’m officially exhausted. I have fallen asleep at my desk several times in the past few
weeks, oh well. If I could I would go to bed before the sun goes down and not wake
up till well after it’s risen in the morning. I just can’t get enough rest. I know I should
just go home and RELAX but that’s easier said than done when I walk into a room and
see boxes that still need unpacked. Note to self- do not move when you are 32 weeks
Seems as though Miss Kendall is still breech. I still feel her head right underneath my
right boob. I know we have time, but we’ve been trying a few things to help her get in
the “right” position. I play classical music to the lower part of my belly, apparently they
are supposed to move towards the sound…not working. Mr. Husband tries talking into
the lower part of my belly too, “Kendall…It’s your dad! How bout you come on down
this way!” It’s too cute. I have tried the cat/cow pose that I remember from yoga class.
I tried putting 4 pillows under my butt and elevating it above my head, that’s attractive,
let me tell you. I tried lying with my head down and butt in the air {basically how I want
her to be} and still NOTHING. Great, she’s stubborn already.
My sweet mother-in-law was going through pics this weekend when some of the
rehearsal dinner and wedding popped up, I almost died! Was that ME? Did I really
look like THAT? DANG I was one hott mama!!! Hello legs! I didn’t know whether
to be proud or cry. I want that body back please! And to think I thought I was FAT
then…right. Fast forward 7 months and now I can’t see my feet and have stretch marks
in places I never thought you could get them, now that is fat.
Now here we are, 33 weeks. Can it really get any bigger? Sure doesn’t seem possible.


  1. I remember thinking I couldn't get any bigger either and then I realized that a pregnancy body defies all logic! You have no idea how much bigger that belly will get until you get to the end! You don't really look all that big in the pic if it's any consolation! I can't wait to see her room!

  2. WOW! 33 weeks already? Amazing! <3