July 4, 2010

Tummy Tuesday- Week 32

**Due to lack of internet access I now have 3 weeks of TT to post. Feel free to read/don't read, comment/not comment- I'm posting the past weeks for me**

Well this week has probably been the most tiring of the entire pregnancy. We
moved this weekend {YAY!!!} but it was HARD on my ever growing body. My
feet have never been so sore in my entire life and I’m pretty sure my right foot
may have to be amputated, ok maybe not but it’s KILLING me still days later.
Kendall was a trooper through the entire move though. My BFF was worried that all the
testosterone {from Mr. Husband and his friends moving} would make me go into labor;
thank God that was not the case! I never got cramps or even those pesky Braxton Hicks
contractions everyone talks about, I still don’t know that I’d know what those were if
they slapped me in the face.
Mr. Husband did put little missy’s crib together over the weekend, he just “couldn’t
resist”. I must say walking by that room and just seeing that in there gets me all giddy!
I can’t wait till the whole room is finished, I’m thinking this weekend. Her bathroom
is done, and it’s the CUTEST room in the whole house- ok maybe I’m biased but I’m
obsessed with it. I also put her books on our bookshelf and got her toys out and in a
basket in the living room; it makes it more real that way.
I can feel Kendall almost all day every day. I can tell when she’s asleep, like right
now, and when she’s awake. I still can’t tell what body parts are what, besides her head
because she’s still breech. I love feeling her all the time though, it’s the coolest thing
ever, and I feel bad for men because they will never get to feel this amazing experience.
I’ve recently discovered a few more stretch marks, GROSS. I still don’t have any on my
tummy, knock on wood! My moles have gotten bigger and are more raised now than
they were before too, has that happened to anyone else? So strange, even my mom and
grandma noticed right away!
Sleep has been…decent. I wake up no less than a million times to pee but as far as
comfort goes I’m usually pretty snug. The pillow between the knees trick didn’t work
in the beginning but it sure is a miracle worker now, still can’t wait to be back to tummy
I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’m actually missing my work out schedule. I’m
starting to regret not keeping up with some sort of exercise for the past 7 months. I mean
I do walk on my breaks at work but that’s not really enough to make a big difference.
Guess I could get some prenatal DVDs and do them at home. Got any suggestions?!
I’m trying to get my birth plan together. I mean I basically know what I want to do
{epi if necessary, squatting bar available, Mr. Husband to cut the cord} and what
I DON’T want to do {mirrors, birthing tub, assisting}. I need to start getting my
hospital bag together according to all my weekly emails. What were your MUST
HAVES at the hospital? What are things you wished you would have brought?
Stay tuned for pics of Miss Kendall’s room and a house tour. For now, here is my 32
week belly…

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  1. I way overpacked my hospital bag and seriously only used 1 dress to go home in, a nursing bra, slippers and my toothbrush! I had a c-section and it was more comfortable and easier to stay in my hospital gown. If she stays breech be prepared for a possible c and find something incredibly comfortable to wear that would not bother an incision. Then you just need an outfit for Kendall. I would pack a sports bra bc I think your supposed to wear something confining to help dry up. The hospital supplies diapers, those wonderful underwear and pads so your set!