January 4, 2011

No More Playin' Around

After 6 months of living in this house and not using my favorite room I’m OVER it.  When we first moved in we didn’t agree on what to do with this room. Jim-bo wanted to use IT as his man den…I quickly set him straight on that. No WAY was I going to let him turn this beautiful, open, and bright room into a place where he displays his dead animals, not happening. Moving on. So the next logical idea was an office. Everyone needs an in-home office, right? Wrong. We realized we use laptops in our house and again this room would end up being unused.
Enter KP.
This room would make a great PLAYROOM! It has doors so that we can lock her in there contain the noise as she gets older, PLENTY of shelving to organize toys, books, and DVDs, and we wouldn’t have to have toys strewn throughout the whole house and can contain the mess to one area {for the neat freak in me}. PERFECT {even if Jimmy took some convincing}.
So where do we begin! Here is what the room currently looks like…

OBVIOUSLY we will be covering that hideous couch. Or perhaps a NEW couch is in order. I would love something along the lines of

Yes I realize I’m putting a very light colored couch in a children’s playroom and I’m ok with it.

We need some new end tables too. I want to keep with white furniture seeing that all the woodwork on the built in shelving and trim is white. Just something simple like

J would love to get another chair in there and I think something a little funky to add some fun and interest {since it is a playroom}

One thing we NEED in there is lighting! We have ONE lamp in there now and it does nothing for lighting up the place. I’m thinking a new floor lamp and two table lamps to go on the ends of the couch

The idea is to make this room fun and functional for KP but also keep it stylish and in synch with the rest of our house. Stay tuned to see what we come up with…

All items featured are from Overstock.com

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  1. I love the french doors!!!! I might just use this code!

  2. i can't wait to see the finished playroom!! it's a great room, i love the doors and all the storage. i'm sure KP is going to love her special fun space :)
    our office is being converted into a nursery. we will be going without an office and all office furniture we bought 2 years ago will be sitting in our unfinished basement....until the day we can get a house.

  3. I am jealous of all that shelving, it will be perfect for organizing toys! You can get the IKEA baskets for smaller stuff too so it's a little bit hidden.

    I however would possibly rethink the lamps especially when she is eventually mobile, Michael loved to pull on my MIL's lamp cords and it nearly fell on his head many times. Go with a padded chair too instead of the wood trimmed one!

    I can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I love the first chair that you posted! I'm on the hunt for a similar style of chair for our upstairs living room

  5. Yeah, we use our laptops too. YAY!!! You're awesome! Nice built in bookshelves ... I wish we had that space in our house. That stuff is so awesome ... LOVE your taste in furniture. Overstock, huh?? Hmmm...will need to check it out. I think I am going to have a very upset hubby though. :0) When we move, wanna come help decorate???

  6. That will be a great playroom. we're just discussing about finally getting a playroom done in our basement. Toys are overflowing and our living room is looking like romper room. I love the dotted chair...running to overstock now!

  7. That will be a great playroom! I LOVE those built-ins!!!

  8. I dream of houses with built in shelving! That room is amazing! I can't wait to see your final product! I'm getting the itch to redecorate...

  9. That room has much potential!!
    We just turned our dark and cold concrete basement into a 'mature playroom'. My daughter's exact worlds as we were putting things together... "This is not a Man Cave anymore!" haha