January 24, 2012

EFF You, Winter

Winter, winter you suck so bad,
You give the occasional case of  S.A.D.
Your temps are so frigid we stay inside,
Inside + Toddler = cry, cries, cried.
Even in Uggs my toes go numb,
Your snow and sleet are so dumb.
Our electric bill was near five hundred dollars,
If you're jealous, let me hear you holler.
Sure snow angels are lots of "fun",
But nothing beats the sand and sun.
I long for the days of warmer weather,
And laying out till my skin turns to leather.
Looking out the window is not a thrill,
Especially after I check the wind chill.
Getting dressed is such a mess,
I long for the days I can wear a dress.
My brand new car cannot stay clean,
Winter, why are you so mean?
Winter, winter go away,
No need to come back, not any day.



  1. Shannon, this is HILARIOUS!!!! I actually like winter. Just the snow part, not the cold...lol

  2. 100% agreed!!
    EFF you winter!!!

    btw i loved your vlog -- had a insane toddler *helping* me at the pc at the time & didn't get to comment.

    you are too stinkin' cute girlie!

  3. LMAO. You crack me up. hahahaha Love it!

  4. Shannon this is great! I so agree, but I am enjoying my ugg and north face at the moment- check back in feb.

  5. so. true. except rain is our problem here, but after too many days of it...equally gross.

  6. Yes... I will join you in the fight to make Ohio warmer. A) because it doesn't really affect our winter (kinda) and B) Because I will be out there in Feb and I'm not looking forward to getting stuck like I usually do.

  7. Now probably isn't the best time to post this but it's almost 80 here and I laid out yesterday. We haven't even had a full week of COLD weather yet! I should add that COLD to me is like 50's!

  8. I am soooo with you girlfriend!!! Bring on summer... Like tomorrow!!!!

  9. Hah! :-D Too funny. I'm with ya on the dress wearing!! Mine are getting so sad hanging in my closet...

  10. LOL! Quite the poet you are!!! :)

  11. Couldn't have said it better myself! HATE winter!

  12. Love it. It is 16 here in Illinois and I the wind chill is down right cold. Cuts right through my coat. Bring on summer!