April 23, 2012

Mail Monday

Last week was a fun week for getting mail. I love going out to get the mail every day, except when all that's in there is bills, yuck.  But last week? Last week was awesome for mail.
Up first were these beauties for mama.

Do you see that amazing cross necklace?  I spied one on Kelly Ripa months ago and had to have it!  I have been searching the Internets ever since when I came across Luluka on Etsy.  She was super easy to work with and her work speaks for itself, beautiful! I am absolutely in love with this necklace. It's pretty all by itself or paired with some others as a layering piece.

So dainty and lovely.  Smitten. 
And that gorgeous coral wrap bracelet? It's from Heap Boutique and I couldn't be more happy with it either, #winning.
I just love the gold hardware against the coral thread.  SO pretty!  And?  It looks awesome, amazing, so good with my braided bracelets from According to L.

And then came this little, adorably wrapped package for Miss KP.

Kendall got her little, chubby, hands on an Elle+Ollie original.  If you thought the packaging was cute, the dress is TOO CUTE for words.

Gah I love it so much I think we might have to schedule some spring family pictures for her to wear it in.  Seriously.
See why I love getting mail so much?!  Gah now if I could just get mail like this every week we'd be happy campers!


  1. Your mail was much funner then my mail last week! But, this week I'm hoping for some sandles for Miss Chloe from Zulily!! I can't wait for those!!

  2. I have a cross necklace like that but need to have the clasp fixed, I miss wearing it!

  3. Getting stuff in the mail is the best! Both your purchases are so cute, I love the coral bracelet! My heart totally lies with that super cute dress though!

  4. I adore that wrap bracelet - and the color is perfect.

  5. LURVE that neckalce. might pop over myself I get one.

  6. I also had to have Kelly Ripa's necklace...err... not her $600 one but an Etsy one too. I got it for Xmas. I'm not religious at all but love this necklace!

  7. The dress is super cute!
    I too love it when I get a package in the mail.. I could do without all the bills though! xx

  8. LOVE the cross necklace. LOVE! I now will have to check it out. I just got a bracelet that looks the same from Bridier Baubles. What fun mail for you! I just got a bunch of bills and a Teen Vogue...

  9. There is quite the little party happening in your mail box huh?! ;)

    I am in love with that cross necklace. Like I want/need it now. And that dress?! way too cute!

  10. I wish I could be excited about our mail. I'll get the mail once a week cuz it's too depressing to get everyday. maybe i should do more internet shopping!!!


  11. Love the cross necklace, beautiful.