April 5, 2012

Spring into Fashion!

Spring and summer clothes are by far my favorite, hands down!  
I love the ease of summer dressing.  Throw on a cute cotton dress, flip flops, sunnies and you're out the door.  Makeup becomes minimal because of that great summer tan.  Hair doesn't even require a blow out thanks to a cute summer side-braid. Easy peasy! 
This summer I approached my summer wardrobe a little differently than summers past.  Now that I'm rocking my mom status I no longer wear the sky-high wedges and spaghetti-strap sundresses.  This year I opted for things that were a little more kid friendly and very versatile. I wanted pieces that I could throw on with shorts during the day time while I'm at the park with Kendall but could pair with some wedges and fun accessories for a date night with my main man.
First stop?  Kohl's, Old Navy, Target, and, my summer favorite, American Eagle.

Easy tees, fun and flirty dresses and a few statement tanks and I think I'm set.  I plan on mixing these tops with jeans, shorts, boyfriend jeans, and leggings as pants, the possibilities are endless.
And, because most of my sandals are either stretched out from being fat for two summers or are tall, tall wedges, when I found these babies I bought every color.

I love them because they will be great for chasing around Kendall all day but still be more stylish and than sporting plain ole rubber flip flops.  But also they'd be cute with a maxi dress for going out on the town {as if that ever happens}.
Then came this clutch from Fashion to Figure.

How much do you love that?  Hot pink!  Patent!  And it even has a little gold chain detail which I plan to use and wear it as a crossbody for hands free fun!  Love this and it's going to be the perfect pop of color {and fun!}.  I'm really excited to carry it with some of the bright tanks pictured above.
You know how maxi skirts are all the rave this summer?  Well I was feeling a little Little House on the Prairie about it until I saw this on Pinterest.
I think it's safe to say as soon as I saw this pin I immediately started searching for a maxi skirt. I had the chambray top and, as evidence above shows, I've got the flat sandals too.  
I think it will come as no surprise but I found the PERFECT maxi skirt at Target for a steal and recreated this look myself except my chambray top looked dumpy so I opted for one of my denim jackets {one of three that I own- I'm obsessed}.

I plan on getting a lot of use out of this skirt this year. 
Now the only things left on my list of summer must-haves are some bright, colorful, stacking bracelets and a new bathing suit...more on both of those later ;-)
So what's on your summer must-have list?  Any trends you are loving {or hating}?  Ever have an item or trend you swore you'd never wear but then gave it a shot and loved it?


  1. I am REALLY hoping to get to Target today for some new skinny clothes!

    Lookin' good, mama!

  2. I love everything you got! You look great too!

    I still love American Eagle too, even though I always feel out of place since every time I'm in there, I'm surrounded by 12 year old's. I just went there this weekend and picked up some of their denim skinny's!

  3. You look amazing mama! Lover you!

  4. I love what you found! That photo of the maxi dress is enough to make us all want to wear one!

  5. Love all the outfits!
    I need to get myself some new outfits especially for the honeymoon...mama wants to look sexxxxxy! :)

  6. All of those outfits are super cute!! Not to mention that clutch! How amazing! :)

  7. Such cute stuff! I'm loving the maxi skirt too! So comfy and so cute!

  8. i love those sandals! too cute! they're from target?

  9. That very top left tank? EVERY time I go to Target, I eye it up. Yesterday, I was finally thisclose to throwing it in my cart, and I still didn't. I'm secretly hoping it is in the clearance section for like $2 soon enough (even though it's not pricey to begin with)...I just own too many tanks and can't justify another one unless it's under $5. ;) You always dress cute!

  10. umm...that was supposed to say top RIGHT ;)

  11. You have wicked outfits! Love. You totally rocked that last outfit. I must try and recreate this too!

  12. Love the outfits! I am feeling the "spring colors" so much!! Loving the pastels and oranges!! I need to start shopping!

  13. Cute finds! That clutch is adorable! It will look great this spring/summer!
    I started using my maxi dresses as skirts last summer. I always thought people would think I was crazy, but glad to know I'm now not the only one! That gray color looks great, I'll have to find one like it!

  14. You look great! Love all the fun, bright colors and the skirt is fantastic. I want one :)

  15. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower :-)


  16. I really wish there was a Target closer to wear I live - it's a 45 minute drive. I want that maxi skirt SO badly!! Awesome outfits :)

  17. Glad that you posted a pic of the gold sandals from Target. Was debating an online purchase (bc I'm lazy and had free shipping on lock) and wasn't too sure about the color. But I dig it.


    Also, girl after my own heart that you got one in every color.

  18. Love your picks for summer! Those Target sandals? I got the silverish colored pair last summer. They literally go with EVERYTHING. You will wear them every single day. Now I want a maxi skirt too!