May 18, 2012

Friday iPhone Dump

1.  My gorgeous, green-eyed girl.  
2.  My mother-in-law took KP to this field while I got my hair did this week and I think I died from cuteness overload.  This is by far my favorite picture, ever.  It deserves it's own canvas.
3.  "Ciercle, Tyngle, Scare". Recently Kendall's vocabulary and interest in learning has boomed! She wants to learn all day long. She now knows all shapes, colors and now we're working on numbers and letters.
4.  Raspberry wheat Shock Top is delish. Such a refreshing summer beer.
5.  Kendall and her new friend Elli at the park this week.  I told them to say "cheese" and this is what I got. Loves it.
6.  Wednesday morning Jimmy texted me to say "you should sit out in the sunroom and drink your coffee this morning, it's so nice!". And so that's what I did and {for once} he was right.
7.  Every night I check on KP before we go to bed and Wednesday night I found her like this and just immediately yelled for Jimmy to "come look!" and snap a pic. I mean Santa pjs? Legs sticking out?  Arms wide open?  A million baboos {binky}? Everything about this makes me laugh.
8.  Courtney and Hailey had been Instagraming about these new Starbucks Refreshers and this week I got a coupon for a free one and SCORE one for Starbucks!  This stuff is bees knees! 
9.  I got blondified on Wednesday and I love it! Color isn't much different but dang I hadn't been since January!  Surprisingly the roots weren't that bad but it always feels good to get them touched up!


  1. Oh My God taht picture of her in the field! I want a copy of that. No, seriously. I do. We need it. Send me one!

  2. KP is seriously too cute! Love the pic of her in the field! Perfection!

  3. Your child is so freaking gorgeous, it's ridiculous. She is stunning! That gorgeous skin...those lips and those eyes! GEEEEZ! Your hair looks FAB, too, btw. Mama's looking hot, as usual!

  4. It's official. I'm the only one in the world without an Iphone and cool freakin instagram pics! Love the color on you! Blondes have more fun and it's good to go light in the summer!

  5. I love those first two pictures of KP...def. hang them somewhere.

    And loving the touched up 'do....looking fab as always

  6. I swear without my phone and instagram I would never have pictures to blog HA
    For real that picture of KP in the flowers needs to be blown up really BIG bc its sooo darn cute

  7. 1. I'm green with envy with green eyes.
    2. Ah. Greed.
    3. I need help with my letters. Story on that.
    4. Gluten jealous.
    5. Hams
    6. I won't tell J you said he was right.
    7. Looks like someone wants a big girl bed...
    8. Must. Try.
    9. Love the blonde version of Shannon.

  8. These pics are sooo cute!!! Kp is just precious!!!!

  9. These pics are sooo cute!!! Kp is just precious!!!!

  10. good grief shannon. i don't think she could get any cuter. and that field picture? i died from the cute. seriously. dead.

  11. Oh my heart. She is precious!

  12. I NEED to see if I can get the raspberry Shock Top in my area. I'm obsessed with Abita's Strawberry Harvest but the only place I know that carries it is the package store on base...and my dad is in Massachusetts visiting my sissy right now.'s time to use, I mean, ask a military friend. ;)