June 7, 2012

My Life in an Instagram

Today I'm linking up with Liz for My Life In An Instagram.  Let's face it, Instagram is the best app out there.  It makes me feel like a photographer with their fancy filters and blur capabilities.  It's safe to say if it weren't for Instagram I'd probably not have any pics of my child, truth city.
 1.  I swear, if it weren't for my uber 80s looking parents I may have thought that was KP and not myself.  Mini me much?
2.  Jimmy and I had a day date last Friday and went to the Memorial Golf Tournament.  It was FA-REEZING and rainy but we made the best of it {with the help of our friend Captain Morgan}.
3.  Kendall finally got to wear my favorite clippie EVER this week and about halfway through the day my mother-in-laws puppy ate it.  Super sads.
4.  We had a chilly rainy day earlier this week.  The kind where you stay in jammies all day and make games out of blankets and clothes baskets.  Fun!
5.  This past weekend we had friends over, a 5, 3 and 1-year-old and the playroom looked like this the next day.  If that's not a sure sign of a good night I don't know what is.
6.  Hot pink+chambray= new favorite outfit.
7.  Mr. Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater himself, Tiger Tiger Woods y'all.
8.  Sunday Funday family photo.
9. My attempt at a Pinterest outfit recreation in the Men's Warehouse dressing room.  Meh.


  1. I love that Android *finally* has Instagram now. It's my newest obsession! ;)

    And, how did you make that collage with all the pictures and numbers? I've always wondered how people do that!

  2. awwww, i LOVED your outfits, and that is so sad about the clippie! It seems that is our luck with clippies and we are slowly running out of ones that actually hold her hair back.
    Love the post!

  3. what a great idea! Love this!

  4. I just got an Iphone and am trying to figure out all this stuff. I need to get started and start playing around with my pics!

  5. That picture of you and your parents looks just like KP!! Dont ya love the 80's hair hahaha

  6. your hot pink + chambray outfit is adorable!

    and Kendall does look EXACTLY like you, that's crazy!

  7. Love both of your outfit posts :)

    Instagram is definitely my favorite app!

  8. very nice pictures!! I looove instagram!!

  9. Love them all! Thanks for linking up dude!


  10. Cute pics...and whoa KP is surely your mini me.

  11. I love IG and this link-up! Might play next week. Yes, I am wondering the same about the collage and numbers.

  12. I heart Instagram too. I check it as much as Twitter or FB these days. As if we needed another app to obsess over. Haha!

    LOVE the hot pink shorts too.

  13. i may need to do this link up next week! the day android finally got instagram i'm pretty sure angels sang. i'm so addicted. now question? how'd you make the collage?

  14. Number 9 made me instantly think "OMG you FOUND it!"

    Then I realized that what I think you found, doesn't exist. (or does it?)

    I had a dream recently that my husband found the secret women's department in Men's Wearhouse. They had a great clearance shoe section.

  15. How did you create this collage for your post?

  16. I always love your cute instagram photos!