October 4, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight

Today I want to introduce you to Sam. Well, Sam and Jamie.  Husband-wife bloggers who, well they rock, no seriously.  They seem like people I'd love to hang out with and I love their candid-ness and honesty through their TTC process.  She had me sold when she told me that her celebrity of choice was Lisa Turtle.  I mean, really?  Because I still watch SBTB every afternoon when Kendall naps.  

1.  Tell me about you!  I am the Sam of Jamie and Sam, but thanks to us both having unisex names, we'll answer to either one. We are trying to have a baby! We've been very open about trying to conceive the past three years, so this year when we started looking into fertility help, I decided a blog would be good therapy for me and a good way to communicate our journey to our friends and family that were interested. Since it's beginning, I've also gone on a bit of a weight loss/fitness journey that I also keep track of on the blog with before and after photos. Everyone loves before and after photos. 

2.  Three words that describe yourself. I'm never really good at this. Hmm... hungry (like, constantly), sarcastic (I don't mean to be a jerk, but I guess sometimes I am), and open (I tend to over-share.)

3.  If you could only listen to one CD {umm CD? I'm old!} for the rest of your life, which would you chose? Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies. It's kind of the staple that still binds my oldest friends and me together. "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" makes me cry.

4.  Drink of choice {doesn't have to be boxed wine but if it is I'll be your BFF}? Anything containing alcohol? How can I choose just one? I love wine. I love beer. I love liquor. The end. 

5.  Which celebrity {dead or alive} would you want to hang out with for one full day? Why? This is hard! I have a whole board of Fantasy BFFs on Pinterest and half of them are characters like Corey and Topanga, Lisa Turtle and Linkavich Chomofsky. But then there's Jason Sudeikis, who I find hilarious and think he has amazing hair; Jack Johnson, because I want to sit around a fire and listen to him sing to me; Ferris Bueller, because - OH wait - he's fictional; and 90's Ryan Gosling, because THIS.

Now be sure to "like" them on Facebook and check ou the blog and tell them Shannon sent you!

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