November 28, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I was so excited to get the Christmas decorations out just so I could start Elf on the Shelf shenanigans.
  • I absolutely LOVE it when Kendall asks me to blow dry her hair after bath.
  • I pretty much let KP dictate what she wants for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  At least I know she'll eat everything I give her that way.
  • I really cannot think of anything I want for Christmas past 4 or 5 items.
  • I get a ridiculously tad bit excited when someone retweets, favorites, or shares something I've posted on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • I tried to get KP to name her Elf on the Shelf something super cute and creative but alas we ended up with Rich.  No idea.
  • I think going ombre was the best thing I ever did for my hair.
  • Seeing Kendall's reaction to all this Christmas stuff makes it all worth it.  As if I didn't already love this time of year.
  • I hate cleaning out my refrigerator and only do it when absolutely necessary, like if there is a science experiment growing.
  • I buy Kendall's Christmas gifts while she's with me.
  • I'm jealous of girls that can eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce.


  1. I pretty much hate girls that can eat whatever they want too! So annoying! Because right now, I'm sporting what looks like a 3 month baby bump from all the damn food and treats I've been eating....ugh! Oh, and Chloe pretty much decides what she eats every meal of the day too (when she's with us) LOL!!

  2. I've been working really, really hard on my Christmas list too!! (and I kind of feel a bit guilty about how much mental energy I've been giving it...)

    LOVE the name Rich, too funny ;-) And yes, I love when I get retweeted, reposted, or faved too hahah!

  3. Hahahah Rich is so awesome. My niece named hers Bunk.

  4. Does KP get the Elf thing? I was debating on whether or not Smith would understand it this year.

  5. I can't think of much I want for Christmas either, other than some boots and a few things for the house.....I got so much stuff for the wedding that there really isn't anything I need right now!

  6. I was fine not doing the Elf on the Shelf but my mother in law bought it while we were visiting over Thanksgiving and now I'm wondering what in the heck I was waiting on. I love having that Elf to throw out there for threats when the girls are not behaving!! Oh and what do you mean by going ombre?? Have a great day!
    sarah from my little smarties

  7. I do the same thing with my girls and xmas gifts haha! PS yet again it isn't letting me link up... BOOO!

  8. I love our Elf on the Shelf =) It's so much fun!

    I share your loathing of cleaning the fridge...I also hate to clean the oven. =/

  9. I've definitely bought xmas presents for Hunter in front of him, hell, one of his presents was sitting in it's packing in our living room for a few weeks. But he's too young to understand, plus he's more interested in playing with my hairbrush right now anyways.

  10. Ugh, I wish I could still buy presents when Lucas was with me!! It's hard to even get packages in the mail because he wants to open them all!!!

  11. You didn't mention your traditional Christmas colors of red and green here (it's been on IG) but I am the same way. I'm very traditional in my decorations, as well.

  12. I'm the same way with my fridge. It gets gross!

  13. Your Dews button is broken!

    Do those girls really exist, or is "everything they want" only a small amount or only sometimes. I don't think those girls exist :)

  14. I am right there with you on the fridge. I call it being prepared in case my kids have forgotten then need a science experiment....okay maybe it's not THAT bad but every now and then I find something that causes me to play the "what was it" game! :)


  15. I have a total of 2 things on my Christmas list and can't think of anything else. My son on the other hand I think has a 4 page list, geesh! I use to do his Christmas shopping when he was with me but he is at that age where he knows exactly what goes in the cart and asks... who is that for?

    I love Elf's name.

    Ugh! Cleaning the fridge. I hate it... I normally clean it when I am out of storage containers, bad I know but I just can't bring myself to do it.