January 2, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I completely forgot about SWW last week and it wasn't until I saw that Jen did it and called me out that I realized it.
  • I'm not ready for Christmas to be over.  
  • I love the light that the Christmas tree gives off and I'd keep it up all year long if I could.
  • I still haven't thought of my new year's resolution.  It took me till February to figure it out last year so I've got time.
  • I look more pregnant than I {probably} am.  I remember waiting and waiting and waiting to look pregnant with Kendall so I guess in a way it's nice to actually not just look chubby.
  • I was happy to be sober for NYE this year.  Thumbs up for waking up feeling great, too bad Jimmy can't say the same.
  • I created a monster with Jimmy's Christmas gift.  Home brewing is turning into an obsession, just like I knew it would.
  • Drunk people are really annoying when you are sober.
  • I very rarely {never} update my personal Facebook page.  I should just delete it but I just can't bring myself to do it.
  • I've been a total slacker when it comes to housework lately.
  • I thought taking a break from blogging would leave me with TONS of ideas for posts and...nope...I got nothing.


  1. I had a friend that kept up her tree all year long one year. She just changed the decorations, or put a different colored topper, depending on the holiday. You've got Valentine's, Mardi Gras, Ester, 4th of July, etc. etc. Lots of things to decorate for.

    Also, wanted to say that blowing up so quickly must be a second baby thing, b/c I did the same with my youngest

  2. Part of me wishes I would have been sober on NYE, I bet my husband does too, though I was not the one with an all day hangover yesterday :)

    I want to leave my tree up too, only its a live tree and it's not looking too hot right now :(

  3. I had a sober NYE too, didn't even make it to midnight!! Still woke up feeling like crap thanks to being 6 months preggo!

    I got my husband the brewing kit 2 years ago and just threw it away...he used it constantly at first but then the novelty wore off!! Hope your Hubby likes it for years to come!

  4. I love the look of Christmas lights at night too! I'd really like to leave both of our trees up undecorated until maybe February:) My decorations are all up for a couple more weeks so I still have time to decide. I'd like to drop my FB too. I rarely update. I posted a picture of us before Christmas and people went nuts! I just don't care to share things with everyone. I enjoy my friends on twitter & instagram more:)

  5. You are so not chubby... You're prego! Eric has one if those beer kits but has yet to brew anything... Can't figure it out. Love SWW!

  6. Jared would keep our Christmas tree up 'til March if we could ;) I'll be sad to take it down too though.... it makes the home so cozy when it's lit up at night!

  7. 1. I, too, love the Christmas tree light! It makes the house so cozy. But now it's still standing there, but sitting dark, which makes it look sad and creepy.

    2. Yes, I get so annoyed with drunk people when I'm sober that I just know I'm going to be really angry and bitter when I finally do get pregnant!

    3. My house is a disaster. I blame it on the holidays and telling myself "hey, it's the holidays!", which was a bad choice. Now I have to tear down Christmas AND clean the house.

  8. I haven't come up with any resolutions yet, either! I have some ideas, but I really want to stick to them this year, so I need to make sure they're realistic! :)

    I totally agree about how annoying drunk people are when you're the sober one! I usually sit back and think "Holy crap! Is this how annoying I am when I'm drinking?!? NAH!!!" :)

  9. We have our tree on all day. I love the twinkling lights :) And so do the kids

  10. LOVE THIS. I'm you're newest follower and will be joining in for the next one for sure! Check out my blog to if you get a moment :)

    Lauren @ Simply Free