May 22, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I decided that a workout wasn't in the plans yesterday.  Teen Mom 2 and going through Baby Brother's clothes was more important.
  • I am on a hunt for the perfect newborn hat for Baby Brother, again this is ridiculous.  I have it narrowed down to nine...
  • I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it makes sense for Kailyn to have Issac around Javi but not for Joe to have him around Vee.
  • I'm looking forward to the pools opening this weekend.
  • I washed my car yesterday for the first time since I don't know when.
  • I am actually nervous for my glucose test tomorrow.  
  • I started packing Baby Brother's hospital bag already.
  • I'm an overachiever and like to do things like pack the diaper bag and have the nursery ready way earlier than I really need to.
  • I'm not ready for the super hot temps we've been getting a preview of this week.
  • I can't wait to fit into my peace tee again.


  1. I've been too busy planting flowers and my garden to work out, but maybe all the bending and digging count for something!

  2. Good luck with the glucose test! I hated the WAITING! Bring the laptop and some movies (I recommend The Hangover, so when you laugh out loud, people give you weird looks!)


  3. it does not make any sense for Kail to get her way and not be fair to Jo. girlfriend is a bit of a brat like that!

  4. Your diaper bag is packed! oh I love you!! <3 - Since you're ready for your baby, why don't you come up here and help me get ready for mine ;)

  5. You are my opposite. I am such a procrasinator. When I went into labor with Hailey at 39 weeks, I had to look all over the house to find a bag and stuff to pack. I am last minute on everything!

    Ahhhh Kailyn it's nuts! I thought the SAME thing the whole season. She didn't want Issac around any of Joe's girlfriends BUT had her boyfriends pretty much living with her. I mean come on! Face the facts chick, you don't like her simply because she is with Joe, even though you are married. I saw pictures from her baby shower. Some how I missed she was pregnant!

  6. Hahah I thought the same thing about Kailyn. Its great your on a roll about having everything ready! I am never ready!

  7. I am with you on the whole Kailyn, Javi, Joe, Vee issue. Come on, grow up! I don't know why I watch that show... it's like a train wreck, you can't help but watch.

    The gluclose test isn't too bad. It may make you a little sick to your stomach after you drink that orange stuff but when it was over and I could drink water I was fine.

    HOLY COW?!?! you have baby's bag packed? Five weeks left and I am just starting. I haven't even put a thought into what I need yet. I just want to sleep.

  8. OMG, do NOT get me started on all the dramas that are Teen Mom 2!!!! :)