May 24, 2013

Thirty One Gifts

It's no secret, my love for Thirty-One Gifts.  As a former Home Office employee I know how much love and care and appreciation is put into this business.  It's a Christian based company, the name Thirty-One came from Proverbs 31, and I think they hold true to their business values more than any other business I know.  They are constantly encouraging and rewarding not only their Home Office staff but, more importantly, their consultants.  If you have ever considered direct sales or are looking for a way to make a little extra money while working for and with an amazing support system, I highly recommend looking into Thirty-One Gifts.

Did I mention they have ADORABLE products?  And they're totally functional.  I'm pretty sure they sell something for everyone with their newest catalog.

I was lucky enough to get an email from Christin a few weeks ago asking if I'd be interested in trying out a new product and telling my readers all about it.  I jumped at the chance because 1. I already have tons of Thirty-One products that I use and love daily and 2. I had been eyeballing the new Party Punch pattern and this was my chance to get my grubby little hands on it.

Our house is awesome in the fact that we have floor to ceiling built-ins in the living room and playroom.  I love love love them but hot damn are they hard to fill up and keep looking nice.  Enter Thirty-One.  I love using the built-ins in the playroom to store every, single, solitary toy we own and the Your Way Cube is the perfect solution for all those little, random things {hello Barbie shoes} that you need contained and hidden.  I love this item because you can turn it one way and the contents are completely hidden or you can flip it to the other side and you have a little sneak peak window so you can quickly see what you're hiding in each one.  Best of all, it can be monogrammed!  You could have one for every member of your family!  I'm thinking a family command station would definitely benefit from one of these!

Other things I love and use consistently? The Thermal Totes are a MUST.  I use ours to pack a picnic lunch when we head to the park in the summer.  Looking for a reusable shopping bag?  Try the Large Utility Tote. I swear I have 4 of them and I use them for anything, storing toys, organizing my trunk, closet storage, you name it.  Next on my list?  The Inside-Out Bag!  How cute is it in Lotsa Dots?!

And now is your chance to get your hands on one of their latest and greatest!  All you need to do is fill out this survey for your chance to win a $20-30 item OR gift certificate to use later.   In the meantime you can shop my party and right now for every $31 you spend you get one of the thermals for 1/2 off!!  Remember, the thermals were on my must-have list!? So, what are you waiting for!?


  1. Such a great post! I'm a Thirty-One consultant and former director in Tennessee and I LOVE this company!

  2. jealous of your built in shelves!
    i hear GREAT things about this company, and that some moms use it for their diaper bags!

  3. I'm a Thirty-One consultant in MN! How fun that you worked at Home Office. What did you do there and when did you work there? :) Did you ever meet Cindy?

  4. I am a Thirty-One Consultant and I absolutely love this company! How awesome that you worked for Home Office! They're always so great whenever I need to call in.

    Your shelves are amazing! Love them!

  5. I *love* that pattern, and just got something in it to review on my blog next week. I'll need to do some 31 shopping to organize our new abode.

  6. I work at Thirty-One, I do the monogramming and I love love this company and all of their products. Such cute summer patterns..