June 26, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
So What Wednesday

  • I miss Kendall's 7pm bedtime.
  • I really think I am going to try this Goodies Box*.  I mean 5-8 snacks a month for only $7?!  Seems crazy NOT to.
  • I really really want to registry stalk this week but I promised my MIL I wouldn't.
  • I still haven't decided on whether we will call Baby Brother James or Weston.  Thoughts?
  • I have every intention of waking up early, before Kendall, every day but it rarely happens.
  • I watch Friends reruns when there is nothing else on TV.  AKA all the time.
  • I was glad when we had a 5 second terrential downpour Monday afternoon.  Sometimes you just need a good rain, ya know?
  • I'm hoping it rains again one night this week so we have an excuse to take Kendall to see Monsters University.
  • I think I am more excited to see Monsters University than Kendall.
  • I am disgusted by my pregnant body these days.  I am so ready for an "outside baby".
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the new video feature on IG.  Does it take for.ev.er to load for anyone else?
  • I really hate the sound of birds chirping in the morning. 
  • No one is taking me up on my 50% off ad space sale.  I think that blog ad space is becoming a thing of the past.
  • I'm really hoping that the next 7-8 weeks go fast but after that I want time to move at snails pace.
    *Thanks to Walmart Labs for sponsoring today's discussion


  1. It is SO hard not to registry stalk. I always thought people were crazy until we had our wedding registry and then I couldn't help myself! Good luck!

  2. Hi Shannon, I ordered my first Goodies box the other day. Can't wait to try them out. My friend loved hers!

  3. I watched Friends reruns every night through my pregnancy. Now I can't really stay up past 11pm to watch them. I like James and Weston so I guess I am no help there.

  4. Waking up early is my daily goal. It never ever happens. Ever.

  5. I personally prefer the name Weston to James (not that I don't like James) however I'm also not really a fan of calling someone by their middle name, I feel like if that's the name you want to use just make it a first name. Weston James Dew sounds nice too :) Really though you can't go wrong either way, they are both really nice names.

  6. I think Weston would be a really cool name!

  7. I also can't wait to see Monster's University! I love the first movie, probably more than any adult should haha.

    And I watch Friends pretty regular myself. I still laugh at it too! Very few shows I can watch on repeat!

  8. I like Weston! I think once he is here you will instantly know which name fits him best for everyday!! Good Luck!!

  9. I had a hard time loading IG videos on 3G, then I signed into the wireless network in our apartment and they load SO much faster!

  10. I love this link up and must join in!
    I like the name Weston
    And Friends reruns are the best.
    Secretly I wish for a kid to take to see Monsters University

  11. Weston! West for short?! Adorbs! MU was so cute. I loved it. XO