September 18, 2013

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Life After I DewHey! Hey! Hey!  Did you miss me?  As much as I loved taking a little SWW break I am excited to get back into it!  BUT I want to give a HUGE thanks to all my girls who helped hold the SWW fort down for the past 5 weeks, y'all are amazing!  THANK YOU so much!  I hope that you all stopped over to their blogs to say hi and maybe found a new blog to love in the process.

With that being said, this week I'm saying SO WHAT if...

  • I went to get my fall decor out and realized it consists of one metal/wire pumpkin centerpiece for the dining room table. 
  • I love my 5 hours a week away from Kendall while she's at preschool. She loves it too, just FYI.
  • I have no desire to switch James to his crib any time soon.
  • I didn't get our mail for nearly 2 weeks after James was born.
  • I'm a little sad Kendall won't be wearing footie PJs anymore.  I mean she can but with the whole potty business just seems like a pain in the butt.
  • My house will never be as clean as I like.
  • Jimmy and I are obsessed with Weeds even though it's so not "right".
  • Every recipe I've made this week has been in the crockpot.
  • I told myself I didn't need anything when my Old Navy Super Cash came time to redeem and guess what?  I bought stuff anyway.
  • I am more excited about getting my hair done this week than anything else that's happening this month. 
  • I love seeing and hearing what Kendall comes home from preschool with each Tuesday/Thursday.  Preschool rocks my socks.
  • I avoid all phone calls during preschool.  That's either my "me" time {if the baby is asleep} or that's "our" time and I'm snuggling him.  
  • I really want another flatbread sandwich from Wendy's even though I'm supposed to be clean eating.
  • I'm determined to blow my OB/GYN away with my weight loss at my 6 week check up.  I don't have a number in my head but I just know I want it to be impressive.


  1. I mourned the footie PJs too. They are so cute! my little man feels so grown up now. So sad. Thankfully I have baby girl to look cute in footie PJs, but what do I do when she gets potty trained? I am not having another one. lol

  2. FINALLY! Someone else who avoids getting the mail like me. I freaking hate getting the mail. There's (rarely) anything fun in there. It's usually bad news where I have to call some company (MY MOST DREADED TASK EVER), and clear something up, write someone else a check for something I owe, or whatever. This week, we find out my husband has jury duty two days before we are going away. I HATE MAIL. haha.

  3. Hilarious! Love the fall decor realization. That happens here too... And the mail? Please. If my husband doesn't bring it in then it never crosses my mind! You'll do great on the ob appt with the weight!!

  4. Weeds is SO AMAZINGLY GOOD...until the 4th season where it declines rapidly. I stuck it out for solidarity but I was so disappointed.

  5. I'm stepping up my fall decor this year! Last year, we didn't even put anything out because it was all glass from our "pre-kid" era and I didn't want our son to break anything. I've already raided Dollar Tree for fall and Halloween supplies that I don't mind if they get broken or not!

  6. The first one made me laugh! I have basically nothing but seasonal/holiday wreaths and garden flags either! (Except Christmas of course:-)

  7. I love this link-up! Just started following on bloglovin'! -Andrea

  8. I did miss you. All of our meals have been casseroles, its frozen, its fast, we eat when I walk in the door. Welcome Back to SWW.

  9. I always have to spend my supercash even though I literally need NOTHING. Ya can't pass that up! ;) Missed you my friend!

  10. Are you doing healthy recipes in the crock pot?? PuhLEASE share if you are!

    No mail for 2 weeks, cracked me up!

    I love PS too! All the fun pictures they come home, the stories, the smiles, the me time -- love it! :)

    And I'm so glad you're back to SWW! Thanks again for letting me co-host!

  11. I need to try those flat bread sandwiches!