November 7, 2013

Currently I'm Loving...

  • Halo Sleepsacks.  OK I know these things existed when I had Kendall but for whatever reason I didn't use them.  I am an idiot.  These wearable blankets are the greatest invention because babies+blankets=bad news.  I had a swaddle sleepsack when James was first born and he loved being wrapped up like a little baby burrito.  Something about feeling like they're back in the womb. Now he's a little bit {ok a lot a bit} bigger he's sleeping in the wearable blanket version that I got off Zulily before he was born {p.s. they have them on there right now for super cheap!}.  I love that I don't have to worry about him being cold or about him kicking blankets up over his head while he's sleeping.  Total comfort.
  • Norah Jones Radio. Her voice is so soothing and when I went to Starbucks for 3 hours last week she's all I listened to. And I also like to put her on when I'm cooking breakfast in the dim light of the morning sun.  Her songs pretty much turn any moment into a movie worthy scene and I kinda love that.
  • Coffee.  OK well this is nothing new BUT I have found a new way to enjoy it that's pretty clean!  If you know me or have read this blog for any length of time you know I am a coffee with cream kind of girl.  As in the more cream the better!  BUT with clean eating coffee creamer isn't really "allowed" and at first I kind of made it my exception but no more!  While we were in FL my ILs didn't have cream so I was forced to try it with almond milk and raw sugar.  I LOVED IT! So much that the first thing I did when we landed was hit up Kroger.  I had tried almond milk and granulated sugar before and hated it, the key is the raw sugar!  I don't even want to drink creamer now!  Nope not even the yummy holiday flavors!
  • Parenthood.  And now I'm not talking about raising my little rug rats, I'm talking about the hit NBC show that has stolen my heart. I've watched since the beginning and I remember after the first episode I told Jimmy, "THIS is my new favorite show of all time" and it has been ever since.  I love love love that family and as much as I love my own, I might love the Braverman's a little bit more.  Kidding. Kind of.  The storyline with Crosby and Jasmine and the new baby?  Dead ringer for real life!  LOVING that whole thing.
  • Old Navy for everything!  I swear my entire family looks like a walking commercial every day.  When I was pregnant they were my go-to place for maternity clothes, cheap and comfy!  After James was born I stocked up on some comfy basics and now that I'm feeling a bit adventurous I am venturing into their super cute graphic tees and sweaters.  We're having family pics soon {I swear} and all of our outfits have SOMETHING from Old Navy in them.  I just cannot get enough of that store.
Old Navy head to toe
  • Timehop app.  I realize I'm super late to this app party. I was all, "I'm not giving in to another "thing"" and well look who's laughing now. This app makes me smile every day.  To see pictures from a year, two years, three years ago {to the day} is so fun!  I mean my sweet little baby KP!  I forgot she was ever so small and how much she and James really do look alike!  Download it now, thank me later.
  • Taco salads.  Seriously cannot get enough taco salads these days.  I don't know what it is.  They're easy, clean, fast, full of flavor, and a total crowd pleaser.  I've been doing a bed of lettuce, {clean} taco meat, salsa, black beans, avocado, green peppers and onion. Eat your heart out, Chipotle.  I never thought I'd see the day where I'd eat a salad, taco or otherwise, without cheese but I don't even miss it.  Not even a little.

AND the one thing I'm not loving?  Starbucks red cups.  My Instagram feed has been full of them for a week now, a week!  The day after Halloween I went and was shocked that the Christmas cups were out.  I mean what about a cute orange and brown cup for Thanksgiving?  Respect the turkey people!  I love Christmas just as much as the next gal but red cups the day after Halloween is a bit much.  Am I right?


  1. Normally I would agree with you on the Christmas stuff, but I don't know... I'm in the spirit this year. I don't know if it is because last year we were SO crazy with the house, or if it is because it is our last without the baby, or that once the holidays are over then it is SO close to baby time. I don't know. But I want Christmas stuff EVERYWHERE!

  2. Alright, you've intrigued me. I must try this raw sugar deal. I've tried putting almond milk in to my 2, ok 3, cups of coffee per day and it's just blech but I don't know how to quit it.

    And I'll go ahead and try Norah Jones radio too. I'm in the mood for mellow this morning.

    Geez, you're so influential to me today. Please don't tell me to jump off a bridge.

  3. I love that old navy outfit! Can't wait to see the family pictures

  4. I'm loving Time Hop, Parenthood, and coffee too. Parenthood steals my heart every time, I LOVE that show!!! I wish I was a Bravermen. :) And yes I agree about the red cups...too soon people!! One holiday at a time.

  5. Respect the turkey people -- Hahaha!!! This made me lol, literally, because I am so sick of the red cup nonsense on instagram also...

  6. I'm with you on the red cups. It's time to bring back Thanksgiving!
    I love Parenthood. Such a great show!

  7. You WILL have pictures soon..even if we have to follow Jimmy to the deer stand:) I need to go to ON soon...I used to go all the time and haven't been in a while

  8. I love so many of these things too. THe hospital gave us a halo sleep sack as a gift with my first and we went out and bought another. OLD NAVY full panel maternity leggings are my favorite and I want to order some on line right now. And, Parenthood is my FAVORITE show on TV. We just have Netflix and Hulu so I watch on Hulu. I LOVE that family. I cry almost every episode at SOMETHING.

  9. Contemplating trying the whole clean eating/paleo thing & coffee with creamer is totally my thing too! How much sugar & almond milk do you put in your coffee?

  10. I find this entire post hilarious and relatable..let me count the ways.

    1-you made me put my beloved norah on spotify. so naptime is lookin even better.
    2-parenthood will forever have my heart. i just got my parents watching from the beginning (their family is so oddly close to mine, even the age order/birth order of children--people have called us the bravermans before which cracks me up)--and they are like 2 season in! ha. love it.
    3-timehop makes me smile everyday, too. It's not something I feel obligated to check, I just like to open it one time a day and be all OMGGG MY BABBBIESSSS. So fun.
    4-dying over the thanksgiving cup thing because I swear I wrote a post the other day (never published it, that happens all the time) and I wrote the SAME THING. That I think they do the red cup thing too early and I hate seeing pictures of it. And why not a cute turkey cup? And then I thought, um, well, ok a turkey cup miiiight be a little far. BUT I LOVE thanksgiving!

    the end ;)

  11. I love the timehop app too! It's been especially fun this fall because Nick and I were married October 2nd, 2010 and Kennedy was born November 28th, 2012 so it's been neat to look back on wedding/baby festivities. Oh and totally loved Old Navy maternity, so comfy and never fell apart like some of my Motherhood Maternity clothes.
    Kennedy still sleeps in the Halo sleepsack and she's almost 1. One of my favorite baby products EVER, I think it's time to switch to a regular blanket....

  12. Taco Salads, yep! Norah, love, love her. Our first dance was to one of her songs. Still gives me cheesy goosebumps to this day.

  13. I LOVE timehop. It always makes me smile. ...also I'm one of those super excited for red cups people. I can't get behind a pumpkin spice latte, but red cups? Heck yes.

  14. I must try the raw sugar… thanks for the suggestion! I've been looking for a "clean" approach to my coffee with creamer addiction as well!

  15. Can I give you my credit card number and you can shop for me? Thanks