May 19, 2014

Blogging. As of Late.

Be patient with me, I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this blog post.  

Here's how I feel about this blog.

I want to be here.  I worked very hard to get to this place with blogging. Building relationships with my readers and other bloggers is very special to me.  I love coming here and writing, interacting but it also stresses me out to the core.  I want to give you guys a daily dose of Life After I "Dew" posts and I want to email you back immediately when you leave me a comment. Just like I used to do.  I want to have the next most popular Pinterest pin, leading people here, to this lil ole blog, that might not otherwise find it.  But the truth of the matter is, it can't be.  I can't be the blogger I used to be.

I've been blogging once a week, at best, lately.  I hate it.  I like coming here to write; it's like free therapy.  I don't, however, like feeling pressure.  Pressure to put out the best post of the day full of colorful images and articulate words.  I don't like the pressure I feel when I read yet another comment that I can't respond to.  I know, I know #firstworldproblems.

I know we make time for things that are important to us and, for me, that used to be blogging.  I loved that quiet moment where I'd sit down with my laptop and my fingers would type faster than my brain could think.  I had a post for every day of the week and then some.  I felt like I would never run out of ideas and/or things to talk about.  And then I had another baby.

Adding a second child is more than double the work of one in all aspects but mostly in the time management department.  When I have a moment to myself, I feel too guilty to sit down and start blogging.  I feel like that time should be spent doing things to make life easier when the children are awake and my husband is home.  Like putting laundry away so that my husband doesn't have to sift through baskets of clothes to find underwear.  Or washing bottles so that I'm not doing it when my child is screaming in my face for his food.  Or setting up a fun craft so that when Kendall wakes up we're ready to do something fun.  So that's usually what I spend my "free time" doing.

It makes me sad because I've worked hard to "make it" in this blog world.  I've done the link up parties, I've commented on other blogs to "get my name out there", I've done the sponsoring gig and, I like to think, I've done it pretty successfully.  So when I go days, weeks without visiting blogger I feel like all my hard work is gone down the drain.  Like, what did I work so hard for?  Again, #firstworldproblems.

And then I think about the future of blogging.  Will we all still be here, blogging, in 5, 10, 15 years?  A year ago I would have said, without a doubt, that I'd still be here in 5 years but now I'm not so sure. I enjoy this part of my life so I don't want to give up something I get such happiness from. But then apps like Instagram make things so much easier to share in the same way, kind of.  In an instant, with one picture, I can pretty much sum up what would take a half hour of writing a blog post.  So is that the future of blogging?

I not really sure why I feel the need to explain myself but you have all hung in there with me for so long that I feel like I owe it to you.  I'm not giving up blogging, at all, but I am giving myself the opportunity to be OK with not doing it every day or even every week.


  1. I think SO MANY of us are 'there', or have been in that phase--instagram is totally to blame. It's way easier, more connected way of sharing in the moment. But there are times I like to check in with the blog and write in more depth, and that's ok too. Not feeling pressure is the key part :) keep doing what you're doing and works with your life, girl.

  2. I agree with Katie, keep doing what works with your life. Most of us aren't going anywhere. Your blog has always been a favorite of mine and you are one of the few blogs that I follow that has over 1000 followers yet still responds to comments. You rock!

  3. With ya! I don't know how other bloggers do it! I guess if they are making a good amount of money and consider it work maybe. For me the blog is strictly a baby book now. The boys turn 3 months tomorrow and I'll make time for a 3 month post that no one will read but I want that for their children to have some day.

  4. Love this post! I couldn't agree more, instagram IS so much easier to pop that photo quick with a few hashtags. I follow you and am inspired by your workout photos especially. I've enjoyed your blog for a year now and I know personally I would enjoy if you continue blogging, even if it's just once in awhile. I have a seventh month old and am shocked by how much harder it is to stay up on blogging, and yet you have two! haha Loyal followers STAY loyal ;)

  5. I feel the SAME WAY!!!!! I have been debating about what to do with my blog as well... it's so hard! I think I agree with the other commenters. I don't think there's a hard and fast answer. Instagram is a great way to do daily updates while it happens, and the blog can be saved for when you're feeling inspired or have time that you want to devote to it. We'll be here either way! :)

  6. I feel the same way at times but then I remembered why I started my blog and that was to journal about my family and my boys. So what if... you don't post every single day. I will still follow you and when you feel like posting I will still read about the happenings of your life. Why? Because I feel we have made a friendly connection where in some aspects we are in the chapter of our lives and I can relate to it. I consider you a friend and no matter how hard I will always try to stay connected to my friends, blog or real life.

  7. I agree with you 100%. Last week, I just wasn't feeling it so I didn't blog as much and the posts I did share? They sorta sucked. Serious.
    Being connected to you on Facebook and IG allows me to see what you're up to and that works for me. I'm sure it's the same for your other fans, too.

  8. add your work outs in to the scheme of it all and blogging really does take a back seat!
    thank goodness for texting :)
    love you girl!

  9. I am with you there my friend - and I haven't even "made it" yet I am in a busy phase of my life too… I'll keep trying though - when I can! x

  10. I completely understand. The only time I have to read blogs are during naptime or bedtime (like now), and it takes a lot of work to write a blog post. The majority of my posts are published very late at night. With four kids, the only me time is when my husband is away and the kids are in bed or late at night.
    I have already noticed a decline in blogging due to Instagram. There are less blog posts and blog comments. But Instagram is so easy! I plan on keeping up with my blog, because it's our family history. I'm sure the day will come when I stop, though.

  11. Bravo! I hear ya, sister. You said it perfectly. So many of us would be sad if you went away completely, but giving yourself permission to be ok with blogging when it's convenient for you and your family is the key. I follow you and your beautiful family on Instagram and get my Daily Fix of Dew there. Be true to yourself and your family, blog when you feel like it - we'll still be here. Love ya, girl! xo, Crissa

  12. I haven't blogged in 14 months. My second baby is 15 months. It really does add a lot. Just found your blog and love this post. I don't have time to read a post every day so once a week is perfect for me :)