September 14, 2015

Because, Pictures

Everyone loves a post with pictures, right?  I mean back in the day it was taboo to write a post and NOT include pictures.  But times are a changing so maybe it's cool NOT to put pictures in a post.  What do I know?

I still love pictures and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this summer because we had a pretty great one!

Yep, we had a pretty good summer.  I'm going to miss the sunshine, warm air, carefree pool days.  Until next year...


  1. It looks like you had an amazing summer... I mean, I follow you on other social forums and was always updated on the new places you were and all the fun memories you were making and I have to say I was kind of jealous (maybe next year)... Now you can make your fall just as memorable.

  2. Great pics! I love a picture post. They tell an important part of the story. Your summer looks like it was amazing!

  3. Can we go back to the beginning of the Summer please? I'm not ready!!!!!!