September 8, 2015

Summer Bodies AREN'T Made In Summer

You know that saying, "summer bodies are made in the winter"?  Well for me that is 110% true.

You guys, I fell off the wagon this summer.  My workouts have been consistent and I usually get in 5-6 days but my food is where I lack control.  I blame summer. Summer foods are just so damn good.  Everyone is having a cookout.  There are 5 million fairs in town. It's hot and all I want is an ice cold beer.  I mean my excuses are endless.

But they're just that,  excuses.

From my lowest weight I am up about 10lbs which is really no big deal except I feel like crap. I am sluggish, getting headaches all the time, I'm not sleeping well and I don't feel good in my clothes.  I have said it before and I'll say it again, I really don't care what the scale says but when I start to FEEL the effects of poor diet choices, that's when I know it's time to make a change.

The thing is, I don't hate the way my body LOOKS now.  I have a little bit more fat, yes, but I still don't think I'm fat.  My arms aren't as slender and my belly not as toned but I don't even mind all of that.  I still love my body and honestly I feel more comfortable in my bathing suit on the right than I remember feeling in the one on the left. Funny how that works, huh?  Even if the number on the scale stayed the same I would be OK with that.

Kind of a reverse transformation Tuesday, I guess.

It's the feeling that I care about and I don't FEEL as good as I did then.  I was doing a pretty good job with a mostly paleo diet and that made me feel really good.  I had just finished my first FULL round of PIYO and that had me feeling more defined than ever before.  I remember I was sleeping really good then too, something that I could definitely use again.

So now that summer's coming to an end {thank you Labor Day weekend for one last hurrah!} I'm ready to get back into it, hard core.  I've meal planned, I've prepped the food, I've got my PIYO schedule all laid out for the week and I'm ready to kick ass and take names.

Anyone else let the summer completely sabotage their diet?  Who is ready to get back on track with me?  I also have a challenge group I'm running on Facebook to help keep myself accountable and motivated if you want to join me comment below and I'll get you added TODAY!


  1. I could have written this post myself! Summer is TOUGH. But, like you said, getting back on track! Now if I can just keep this up through the holidays. I turn 30, 5 days before Christmas so I NEED to look GOOD!

  2. I completely agree with all you wrote. Summer is hard to stay with goals cuz we're traveling a ton. But I'm ready to get back on my schedule of eating right and working out now that kids are back in school. Would love to join your challenge group and get motivated!

  3. YES! Exactly! I have gained 10 pounds and have been trying all summer to lose it. I do good during the week, but once the weekend hits and it's cold beer & a grill out - my healthy diet goes out the window! It's time to get back on track!

  4. Definitely could have written this myself too!! Feeling sluggish and blah and ohhhh lordy my clothes. Eeeek! I must have eaten an entire container of Olld Bay (read: SALT SALT SALT) this weekend by hitting the seafood/crabs HARD. I feel like a lump on a log today! But yes, I am ready to tear up the rest of September!!! (We go on yes another cruise next month, five nights in Bermuda!) I NEED to be ready!!

  5. ME! I just printed and dated my PiYo calendar too ... I already did one workout this AM at 4:30a! Fall is my fav season anyways :-) Bring on the skinnies!

  6. ME! I let summer get the best of me... ;-) I am with you. Come November I am going to be trying 2-a-days... 5:30a and an evening exercise. I can't wait to join back in.

  7. i love that bright suit on you! and your body!!!!

  8. Summer has been such a struggle for me too!!! I was consistently losing and down 22 pounds by July 10 but then the scale didn't move for two months! It's so hard with the vacations and cookouts and cold beer on a hot day. I get it! The scale finally moved again this past weekend! Fall is here and I'm ready to see results again! :)

  9. We are coming out of Winter and I feel the same way - definitely not Summer ready here! Been so many excuses lately but no more from Monday!! x