October 5, 2015

Cheers to Six Years

Dear Us,

Happy Anniversary!

This weekend you celebrated six years of marriage.  In some way six seems like a lot and in other ways you know that you still have forever to look forward to so that's exciting.  Six years, one house and two kids later, you have everything you ever dreamed of.

Six years ago you woke up on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico still on that wedding high.  You couldn't have been more in love with each other, or at least that's what you thought at the time.  You also didn't know that this would be your last vacation together for at least five years.  You drank rum drinks in the middle of the day with no fear of a hangover.  You took naps and didn't eat dinner until it was dark outside.  Life six years ago sure looked a lot different than it does now.

People told you on your wedding day, "over the years you'll fall more in love" and you scoffed, how is that even possible?  But then babies come and serious life things happen that force you to rely and lean on each other and you finally get it.  Going through the tough times and knowing you have each other's back makes you realize how lucky you are and yes, you fall more in love.

Your wedding will be the most fun one you've attended and you're going to have all of your guests tell you the same.  You kinda got married right before Pinterest blew up so you will want to do it all over again because mason jars!  But you can never recreate the moment you kissed at the alter before the pastor even said "dearly beloved".  Or the moment Jimmy karaoke'd Ice Ice Baby at the end of your reception.  It was a great day, even without Pinterest-y decorations.

You'll have your first baby before your first wedding anniversary, she will be the best decision you've ever made.  Yes "it didn't take long" and no you shouldn't have waited.  Three years after that gorgeous girl makes you parents you will welcome her little brother.  He will be the polar opposite of his sister but he will make your family complete.  But your rolls will change drastically and some days it will be hard to remember to love your spouse.  I know you don't believe me right now because "you're so in love" but it's true.  Kids change you and they change your relationship.  Make time for each other, plan date nights and trips away.  Kiss each other daily.  Connect after the kids go to bed {because your kids will go to bed pretty early ;-)}.

Your financial state will go from OK to bad to worse and that will be hard.  That is going to be the only thing that really causes stress on your marriage.  Don't compare your house, your cars, your clothes, your life to others.  You just do you.  You don't need the biggest house, fanciest car, or name brand clothes because you have everything you could possibly want {and more} under your roof.  Arguing over money will not solve the problem and is really a silly thing to get upset over anyway.  Move on.

Some of the people in your wedding party you will become even closer to, while others will drift away.  It's OK.  Have them in your wedding party anyway.  Even when you don't talk as often or see each other more than once a year you will always carry them in your heart and memories.  The ones you draw closer to will love you unconditionally, will be your biggest supporters and the ones you can count on through thick and thin.  Nurture those relationships.

Even though six years may seem like no time has passed at all some days and like an eternity others know that you are each others best friend.  You can trust, love, support, lift up, encourage each other like no one can.  You are blessed beyond measure.  You have everything you've ever wanted.

Cheers to six years!