August 28, 2017

New Baby Dew Is A...

A week ago today we woke up excited, happy, not at all nervous, and ready to find out what gender the baby growing in my belly would be. We were ALL thinking it was a girl and all of my symptoms said so. This was the first time we waited until the 20 week anatomy scan to find out. With Kendall and James we opted for the elective ultrasound to confirm gender at 14 weeks but this time we debated waiting till birth to be surprised but then we quickly realized that we are far too OCD and impatient for that.

Normally I never have a wait at my doctors office, I can be in and out in less than 30 minutes most visits.  This time, of course, we had a 40 minute wait before being called back to the ultrasound room.  Longest 40 minutes of my life, I swear.  I was so anxious to see our new little family member.  I knew he/she would look more baby-like this time so the kids would finally be able to {somewhat} grasp what was happening.  My OB does 3D ultrasounds this time so I was very excited to get good look and see if this babe looked like Kendall and James {who are starting to look more and more like twins these days}.  

When the tech said, "a little brother" we all had our jaws on the floor.  Kendall cried a little, she was certain it was a girl*.  I said, "NO WAY!?" and Jimmy was smiling from ear to ear.  IT'S A BOY!  

All of my symptoms were wrong.  The Chinese calendar {which was correct for Kendall and James} was wrong.  My own intuition was WRONG!  We are indeed welcoming a little BOY into our family this New Year and we couldn't be happier.  

He looks perfect {doctors words} and everything is measuring right on track and very average {music to my ears}.  He had his little hand covering his face the entire time so we didn't get a very good look at him but enough to tell he has sweet kissable lips and the same little button nose as Kendall and James.  He still doesn't have a name.  With Kendall we knew her name before we were even pregnant, heck before we were even married.  With James we knew as soon as we found out he was a boy that we were going to keep with family tradition.  This baby we are struggling to agree.  Jimmy has a name he's set on but I don't feel 100% on it.  Kendall thinks we should call him Darren Dew {which makes me think of the My Little Pony, Daring Do}.  James is really rooting for Red Power Ranger Jason Dew, which is a strong contender 😉.  I'm certain we'll have his name decided before we walk into the hospital and, honestly, naming babies is on my short list of favorite things. 

*As soon as we stopped to buy the pink and blue balloons Kendall perked right up and now she is THRILLED to have another little brother.  She even wants to share her room with him...stay tuned.


  1. I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear the name you pick. I feel Kendall's pain... my mom ended up bringing home three boys in a matter of three years. I was not happy but I wouldn't change a thing. I even remember telling my mom when she brought the first one home from the hospital, "I don't like him, take him back". It is still a joke with Eric and I to this day. Congratulations again.

  2. Congrats Mama! You could always name him Jason Darren or JD for short!

  3. YAY!!!!!! I totally thought girl too -but so exciting!! x