September 2, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Wow well this weekend is the first weekend in 3 weeks that I haven't had anything wedding related going on. I'm really looking forward to just relaxing, even though I'm sure I'll be doing SOMETHING wedding related.
Tonight we meet with our DJ to give them our lists of "you better not plays" go over all of our songs. I'm really excited about this part for some reason, LOL. I also asked my grandparents and parents to give me at least one song that they want played so that they feel included.
We still need to do the following:
  • Get our marriage license (TOP PRIORITY)
  • Pick up Jimmy's ring
  • Order a guest book
  • Get a bird cage for cards
  • Make placecards and holders
  • Find/order parent's gifts
  • Make a "Just Married" sign for the golf cart

That "to do" list doesn't seem TOO overwhelming. I know I am probably forgetting lots of things on it but right now that's on my agenda to get done. Can I quit my job for the next 31 days? Thanks.


  1. 31 days wow!
    And your to do list is not bad at all :)

  2. your list isn't too bad for a month out, right?? It could be worse! best of luck! :)

  3. I wanted a leave of absence too before the wedding...haha! You will get everything done and some of the things on the list are fun. I know after we got our marriage license that it felt so official and things were really starting to happen!

  4. Thats really sweet that you want your grandparents to pick a song. I love that!! enjoy your non-wedding weekend, haha xxxoo

  5. 31 days will fly by! Parents gifts were hard for us to decide on, but we ended up getting our parents a night at a bed & breakfast on us. I've also seen people give personalized name frames to parents with their last names on them.

    Here is a sight I found, but I'm sure there's a bunch more, or you can make it yourself if you're up to the challenge!

    Good luck with everything!!

  6. I can't believe it's only 31 days now!!! Time has flown!

  7. Aww yea!!!
    One thing at a time...
    I'll come over some evening and help with anything you need!

  8. hey your list is looking really good for being a month out! I so gave my dj a "DO NOT PLAY OR YOU WILL NOT GET PAID" list haha. I guess thats when my bridezilla came out : )

  9. That sounds like a fun to do list. Shopping is always a fun thing!

  10. Based on that list, it sounds like you guys are doing pretty well! Good luck this month :)

  11. I give you permission.. girl, wedding planning in itself is a full time job, haha!!! :)

  12. ah, only a month away!
    how exciting!!
    your list doesn't seem too big girly! don't stress ;)

  13. You should so be able to take matrimony leave just like maternity leave!

  14. i keep hearing people talk about quitting their jobs to plan a wedding and i know you're all joking but my cousin's friend actually did that. she quit! couldn't handle doing both things. now that is just hilarious!!! have fun picking out your songs.

  15. Your list is pretty short- you are on top of it!

  16. Wow... you sound really organized! One of my friends is getting married and just hearing her talk about what she has to do (even with a wedding planner!) makes ME tired!!


  17. i have found that i have stopped comenting on your blogs! probably bc i talk to you a million times a day now. im jealous of your list! i wish mine was that short. but i did get a lot crossed off the list today! whew!

    yea for new bed things! they do make you sleep better :)