September 5, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • My mother-in-law babysat KP for a few hours yesterday and instead of doing something awesome, like get a massage, I came home and got caught up on some chores.
  • I am slowly transitioning KP's room into a big girl room.  No big girl bed but some decoration changes.  It's fun.
  • Jimmy asked me what I wanted to do tonight and I said "eat soup and grilled cheese and watch a movie".  That's what a rainy day does to me.
  • I need my hair trimmed so bad but am too lazy to make an appointment.  
  • I attempted to organize the playroom knowing full well it'd be destroyed in 2.5 seconds.
  • I still haven't washed my car from when we went on vacation. Sea salt residue galore.  It did sit out in the rain so that counts, right?
  • I'm jealous of Kendall's new Sperrys.  I mean she's 2 and has a pair, I'm nearly 30 and don't.  Wahh!
  • I wish the humidity would die.  I mean give it a rest already!  I want to open my windows again!
  • I want to make every dessert I see on Pinterest.  Especially the fall ones.
  • I tell Kendall things are sleeping when I don't want her playing with them.  Inanimate objects people!



  1. I tell Chloe that things are sleeping!!!!

  2. LOL I'll have to remember that "Things are sleeping" trick :P

    And yes, this humidity has been KILLER lately. UGH! Here in Akron, too. My preg-hormones + humidity = no bueno.

  3. Car washing is so overrated!!!!

    The humidity SUCKS I want to turn the A/C off so bad, hello cheap power bills, you know till its time to turn on the furnace again!

  4. bahahaha! Things are sleeping? That's too funny! And yes the rain totally counts!

  5. I do the exact same thing with the kids toys...or if they fight over over one toy I put that toy in "Time out". It's great to see that I am not the only mom!! :)

    Laura @Mice In The Kitchen

  6. I am ALWAYS jealous of Emeline's shoes and clothes. Its NOT FAIR! *WAH* I buy her the most beautiful stuff, all the time, the best shoes, the best clothes (I do find sales, however)...and I have issues spending money on myself. Freaking absurd.

  7. Soup and grilled cheese is my favourite cool weather meal. I'd eat it three times a day if I could make it count as a breakfast food...

  8. I tell Rhys the same thing - Caillou went night-night so we can't watch him on the TV. That or it needs new batteries (which we've strategically removed from the really noisy toys from my mom!) :)

  9. I love KP new room! So far the new decor is too cute ;)

  10. Ha! I love it! I tell my daughter that her toys are sleeping too. I even tell her the dog is napping so she needs to take her nap to so she doesn't wake the dog.

  11. Aww, I bet a little redecorating has been so much fun! It always feels so good to organize/reorganize the playroom or play area, and then yep, destroyed in no time, hehe! ;-)

  12. I am totally with you on the hair trimming. I am in desperate need of a hair trimming/new style. I have horrible split ends. But I am too lazy to call and make an appointment.

  13. Toys totally go to sleep at our house! We also MAY take batteries out of annoying toys and tell him that they just wanted quiet time.

    I totally want grilled cheese and soup now, even though its like sunny and 80 here.

    I think the only reason I am going to actually get my hair trimmed is because I want bangs again!