January 15, 2013

Writer's Block?

In a blog funk?  Let's face it, I think we have all been there.  With The New Year I've noticed a lot of bloggers seem to be saying the same thing, "I just don't know what to write about".  Call it a case of contentment, call it writers block but I miss seeing some of my favorite faces around the Internets.

I've been on Pinterest long enough to see the "how to grow your blog" and "writing topics for when you have nothing to write about" pins.  I admit, I find them extremely helpful when I just can't come up with anything but want to, need to write.  

Some of my "popular" {according to my Google stats}, easy to replicate posts have been:0
  • Currently.  Talk about some of your favorite things right at this moment in life.  Share a great new product or book with your readers.
  • Maybe I'm Crazy.  Share some "weird" traits that you may have.  You might find that you just aren't as weird as you think.
  • If... Talk about things you would do IF.  If you could get married all over again, if you were a single girl, if you could meet one celeb, the possibilities are endless here.
  • Then vs. Now.  See how much you've changed over the years.  Or have you?
  • The Real Me.  Lots of bloggers did this one a while back and it's still one of my favorites.  Share some fun facts about the REAL you.  "If you REALLY knew me you'd know...".
  • I'm Blank Because... Fill in the blanks, "I'm a bad friend because", "I'm sad because", "I am excited because".  Again, the possibilities are endless.  {This idea was borrowed from Pinterest}.
  • Being a Mom.  What being a mom looks like to you.  Of course you have to be a mom for this one.
  • I Really Love My...In this post I shared some of my favorite baby items right after Kendall was born.  You could do anything that you really love though.
  • I Love Being Pregnant But... Some things no one tells you about being pregnant.  I was nervous to reread this post, I have to say.
The next time you just "aren't feelin' it" perhaps this list will help.  Feel free to take these topics and make them your own. 


  1. Love all these ideas!! Thanks pretty lady!! :)

  2. This is me lately. Thanks for sharing and letting us all rip you off ;) Love ya!

  3. Those are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!! Writers block sucks.

  4. Thank you!!! These will come in handy I'm sure!

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  6. I love love love love LOVE this!!! I am definitely needing some inspiration (and in a way - I need some help figuring out what direction to take the blog in) so this is super helpful! YAY! Thanks Shannon :)

  7. Wonderful list, thanks for sharing! I often go through my archives for inspiration to re-vamp old ideas and make them new again! :)